Cogelec® innovates with it brands®, Intratone® , Hexact®, Kibolt®, ROZOH®

Our brands

Hexact®, the most commonly installed access control system for social housing

Created in 2000, the Hexact® brand provides secure access control solutions in line with Vigik® norms. They supply the leading access control manufacturers in France, integrating with all keypad and interphone systems, whether wireless or not.

Designed for residential buildings, the Hexact® secure badge and reader system was chosen by 70% of social housing managers to manage access to the building. Since 2003, Hexact® has been the market leader with a 40% share of the French market.

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Intratone®, the leading wireless interphone with subscription

In 2007, Cogelec created the top overall wireless interphone via GSM. Since then, more than a million dwellings have subscribed to a solution developed by Intratone. The products in the range are easy to install on a budget and require no cables. 

The residents love the convenience of the system: they use their own telephone rather than a handset. Lastly, managers (landlords, local authorities) benefit from a flexible, reactive work tool that can be managed from a distance in real-time via an ergonomic interface. Intratone offers a range of supplementary equipment (digital display board, surveillance camera etc.) which add value and longevity. 

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Kibolt®, the smart key which secures all doors and controls access to them

Launched in 2019, the Kibolt® solution can open different doors which are equipped with the brand’s cylinder using a single smart key. The owner or manager of a building is responsible for setting authorisations: the lock knows which Kibolt® key is authorised and at at what times of the day!

The electromechanical European style cylinder can be installed in just a few minutes on most doors and works without batteries or an electricity supply.

From bike stores to your home, the office or the home of your elderly relatives, Kibolt® gives your the ability to manage all access authorisations from a distance, using a free, secure management tool. Lost or loaned your key? In two clicks you can de-activate authorisation.

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Rozoh®, the leading wireless access control management solution for local authorities and businesses

Since 2019, ROZOH® has been offering controlled access via GSM entirely for professionals. To easily secure and manage access to buildings and facilities, local authorities and the commercial sector now have access to custom solutions.

Rozoh® allows all structures to have adequate, trustworthy, high-tech facilities (wireless interphone, electronic key box, digital display board etc.) that can be installed cost effectively. At the same time, a wide range of ever-more innovative, easy-to-use services help to make your day-to-day life easier. Notably due to the real-time distance management solution or our ultra-reactive support service. 

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